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From G4PBP 31 January 2007:

Finally, GB3CEM is back on air at a decent power level: it went very low
power after a big thunder storm at the back end of October, having lost
two pre-driver stages and the pin modulator.

There are now 2 antennas, the original 80 degree sectoral horn plus an
"omnidirecional", dielectrically loaded, slotted waveguide antenna. The
horn is currently centered on 120degrees at 15M above ground, whilst the
SWA is at 16M

Currently, the horn is being fed with -1dBW, and the SWA with 150mW. The
levels to both antennas should rise by ~ 10dB in a couple of months when
the new PA, supplied by the SK7MW group is completed. This should result
in the increased ERPs up to the maximum permissible.

Reports are most welcome to g4pbp@blueyonder.co.uk.

*73 de Russ


From:Keith, GW3TKH <gw3tkh@aol.com>
Date:25 Jan 2007

GB3AMU is now up and running again on 24GHz!

Details of GB3AMU are as follows:

Frequency: 24048.940 MHz.
Antenna: Sectoral horn. Direction of maximum radiation 135 degrees.
Included angle between -3dB points is ± 80 degrees.
Power: -2.8dBW EiRP.
Location: Cardiff, IO81JN94.
Height: 266m amsl



From David Wrigley, G6GXK

06 October 2006 21:04

The Manchester 10GHz beacon is finally operating under test conditions at a
temporary location. When the licence finally arrives it will be moved about
4.5Km to a site with a new antenna with a better pattern and slightly better
takeoff all round - and less interference with my home transverter. North
is presently a badly obscured direction from here.

In the present situation it is likely to be switched on and off over the
immediate future as modifications take place - so don't start to dismantle
your receiver if you fail to hear it. Currently the problems are mainly to
do with concerns over temperature of the heatsinks - however a few fans seem
to have fixed the problem! Also mains switching surges can be heard as
variations in the tone. It looks like a better PSU is indicated.

The set-up uses a mixer stage and only partial lock to GPS. The final signal
may therefore be a few hertz out from the nominal. This will be fixed
shortly when the DDS clock is derived directly from the GPS.

The present scheme is similar to a normal transverter in that it uses a
mixer/ LO +filter to get to the final freq. This was due to the
unsuitability of the DDS to provide a clean enough signal after multiplying
to 10368MHz.

LO is 106.52MHz x 96 = 10225.92MHz locked to GPS
IF from a DDS a la G4JNT (unlocked 10MHz OCXO ref) 71.445 x2 =142.89MHz
The "out of band" IF is deliberate and intended to avoid interference with
my 2m IF. The LO level is 20mW and the IF power level is 10mW as they go up
to the beacon mast assy.

The output signal is as follows:

1. Morse 10368.810MHz using an amplitude ramped on off keying "G6GXK
IO83VO" followed by a continuous tone until the end of the minute.

2. Morse FSK 10368.810MHz shifted to 10368.8106MHz "G6GXK IO83VO" followed
by a continuous tone to end of minute and then repeated

Antenna is omni and the new PA is giving out a considerable increase in
power over the old 200mW beacon. PA is rated at 8W but is currently
under-driven on advice from UKuG beacon licensing liaison people.

Reports sought and will be very welcome whatever they are - good or bad!
Please let me know - where you are and whether you can hear it.

I will use these reports to consider whether to increase the height of the

There is microwave life in Manchester after all.......... :-)

David Wrigley, G6GXK


From:SAM JEWELL <jewell@btinternet.com>
Date:Fri, 9 Jun 2006 17

We finally put GB3MHC (5760.830MHz)on air this morning and re-tuned GB2MHS (2.3 and 3.4) beacons back onto channel. Also GB3MHX has been returned to 10368.830MHz from where it had wondered. It is still about 1.5kHz high when I checked, but the crystal aging has now reduced almost to zero and the actual frequency will be first order temperature related. MHX only has a Murata crystal heater.

GB3MHL(23cm) was only 110Hz high so we left it alone. It's driver will be 20 years old next May and the solid state PAs will be 20 years old on 2009.