During the Spring of 1995, Lyle Patison, VK2ALU (seen here on the left) met up with Charlie Suckling, G3WDG (far right) at the G3WDG/G4KGC home QTH at Rushden, Northamptonshire. Charlie's large dish, used for what was then a world record 10GHz E.M.E contact with Lyle on the 18th August 1996, is visible behind the group. Between the two EMEers is Barry Chambers, G8AGN, a co-editor of the RSGB's Microwave Newsletter and a corresponding member of the RSGB Microwave Committee. The "little 'un" is G3WDG's junior operator...

                     VK2ALU      G8AGN                      G3WDG junior            G3WDG

The G3WDG (and XYL G4KGC) 10GHz moonbounce station on the occasion of the contact with VK2ALU used a 10 foot diameter Andrew dish and some 35 watts RF output at the dish feed. Two, 20 watt, travelling wave tube amplifiers in a combiner were used to produce this power. Charlie's 10GHz transverter is one he designed and built himself.  The 10GHz receiver includes three HEMT amplifiers producing a final noise figure of less than 1dB.  All of his 10GHz transceiver boards and preamps are available as kits and pcbs, directly from his XYL, Petra, who runs the Microwave Components Service. The Service also handles the well-known DB6NT microwave pcbs. This Service covers most microwave bands. Why not e-mail him for details at:         csuckling@nhlab.demon.co.uk  ?

Charlie's first 10GHz EME contact was made on the 31st January 1993 when he worked Jim Vogler, WA7CJO who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. This was the second attempt at a QSO, the first one being the previous day when they heard Jim but were not heard in return due to a preamp problem at WA7CJO. The same dish was in use then but a Hughes 28 watt TWT was employed as TX amplifier. In those early days the system noise figure was around 1.7dB (now considered as the norm for terrestrial equipment!).

There must be many amateurs out there who have, at least, a suitable receiver for 10GHz EME. Big signals like WA7CJO (over 300watts! ) can be heard on dishes as small as 6 feet in diameter. Why not give it a try? You might care to visit the EME NEWS web site for more information. See our microwave links page for details.

POSTSCRIPT: The world 10GHz EME record established by Charlie and Lyle, was broken in March 1997, when ZL1GSG worked DJ7FJ/P over a staggering  terrestrial distance of 18340km. Where will it all end!?