The Crawley Microwave Round Table is the "Friendly One" among the several such meetings held elsewhere in the UK each year.

Held at the Crawley Amateur Radio Club in Sussex, South East England,it has a very welcoming atmosphere, more like a club meeting than what we have known at other venues.

The photo on the left shows the extensive antenna system with the club hut to the left of the mast. The hut is one of over 30 in a recreational area on the edge of town.

The club is well endowed with equipment and catering facilities as thos photo shows. Activities stretch from 136kHz to well into the microwave spectrum and includes participation in major amateur radio contests each year.

Each year the club hosts a microwave meeting and this is attended by amateurs mainly from the south and south eastern area of the country. 

This year I decided to attend as, sadly, I had a van load of "Silent Key" radio gear belonging to the late G3KEU to dispose of. What you see here is just a small proportion of what I brought down to the meeting and only about 10% of G3KEU's total amount of equipment! Tim was a prolific home constructor and had "tons" of components and surplus items of equipment.

Seen here are: Mike, G3LYP(seated)
Jack, G3JMB(checked shirt)and Chris, G0FDZ(on right)

Jack,G3JMB, now over 80 years of age, is a regular portable operator in the UK 10GHz Cumulative Contests. His wife Margaret often goes along and helps with the 2m antenna rotation!

Chris, G0FDZ, is a beacon keeper for several microwave beacons as well as the well-known GB3VHF 144.430MHz beacon. He is a keen contest operator and makes an annual summer expedition to various parts of the UK, such as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man to give others the opportunity of making microwave contacts with those rare locations pn all bands from 1296MHz up to 24GHz.

With his back to us in the photo on the right is Ron, G2DSP, another Old Timer who has a long history of microwave opering and construction. Not able to go out portable these days he neverthless retains a keen interest and listens from home whenever possible.
 To the left we see Ted, G4ELM chatting microwaves with Mike, G3LYP
Grant, G8UBN, brought along some of the microwave items he markets through his business G.H. Engineering. he is well known for an series of excellent solid state amplifiers for 1296MHz.

He also gave a most interesting lecture on some of the most recent microwave devices, such as Hittite mixers, that are now available and showed the design of a 24GHz transverter using double conversion techniques with the minimum of components and only one filter!

Another lecture, on digital communications, was given by Andy Talbot, G4JNT. He was preceded by David Bowman,G0MRF, who presented the Gemini 2.4GHz downconverter, developed by himself and Sam, G4DDK.

The meeting ended with a review of UK microwave activity during the past year.