Martyn Kinder, G0CZD, lives in the Cheshire town of Crewe. A member of the RSGB Microwave Committee, he is active on several microwave bands, with a particular interest in ssb/cw Dxing. His Microwave Committee work includes responsibility for databases. This has led to the production of a Microwave Bibliography and the annual Microwave Directory (usually published as the December issue of the RSGB Microwave Newsletter). The Microwave Bibliography of  articles going back over a decade is available for download from "The World Above 1000MHz"

He recently acquired ( mid 1997) a 100mW Gunn assembly for the 47GHz band. This was part of an Earth Station parametric amplifier. A cross-coupler with 47GHz mixer diode is also part of  the assembly.

 G0CZD with partly built 47GHz gear...Martlesham '97

So far  (November 1997) Martyn has completed the transmit side of the final transceiver. The end result will be a wideband FM "gunnplexer" using an IF of 10.7MHz and  most likely a pair of horn antennas.

The photo seen here was taken at the Microwave Round Table meeting at the British Telcomms Laboratories, Martlesham, Suffolk, UK.

This meeting was somewhat remarkable for the presence of  nine 47GHz transceivers!

Martyn looks happy here... he has just managed to tune the former 49GHz Gunn module down to the 47GHz amateur band and done of course with the aid of professional test equipment available at the Microwave Round Table.