There can't be many microwavers in the world who haven't heard of G4DDK! His microwave designs, especially for the lower end of the microwave spectrum, have been published widely and several of his modules form the basis of  microwave stations both in the UK and overseas, as far  away as New Zealand and Australia. He is, perhaps, most well known for the G4DDK001-2-4 series of  microwave oscillator/driver modules. These, together with the equally well-known modules from the G3WDG "stable", make up what is the most commonly used 10GHz transceivers in the UK. It is true to say that UK microwaves would not have been where they are today without the work of both G4DDK and Charlie, G3WDG.

Sam, G4DDK, with 47GHz gear... Martlesham '97He is pictured here demonstrating his 47GHz equipment at the Martlesham Microwave Round Table, held in November 1997.

The equipment consists of a 12GHz  narrowband source and x4 varactor multiplier in waveguide. The receiver is a waveguide mixer.

This equipment feeds a 40dBi cassegrain-fed dish with approximately 15 milliwatts. G4DDK can receive wideband transmissions if required.

To date his best DX on this band is 39km.

Sam works at the British Telecom Laboratories at Martlesham in Suffolk (lucky man!). He is very active with the BT Martlesham radio club and was instrumental in getting the annual Martlesham Microwave Round Table established as what has become the premier gathering in microwave operators in the UK. It is now so popular that a regular contingent of amateur microwave enthusiasts come across from Holland, Belgium and Germany.

In addition to this, Sam is a regular and well-known visitor to Microwave Update in the USA and to the impressive gathering at Weinheim in Germany.

On top of all this he is also an active member of the RSGB Microwave Committee.