Eric Moutet lives in Lannion, North West France. He is a very active microwaver, operating on several of the bands available. He is best known over in the UK for his monthly participation in the RSGB 10GHz Cumulative Contests, often giving G stations their best contact of the day. His 10GHz portable station, photographed here in August 1996 by F5HRYEric, F1GHB/P in 10GHz Contest 1996, Loc. IN88IN, runs 1 watt output. His receiver uses a HEMT in the front-end. Notice his large offset-fed dish antenna. This type of antenna is very efficient, much more so than the more usual dipole/reflector feeds or so called "penny feed" systems.

A station such as this requires a good tripod! Eric's look very sturdy and allows the dish to be raised well above his head.

Eric often operates portable from a location in IN88IN and from there puts in good ssb signals into the southern half of the UK. He is, by his own admission, NOT a keen cw man! If you want to work him on weak signal you have to be very patient since he does not like doing it using the morse code...................

By the end of 1996,  F1GHB/P at IN88IN had contacted 3 countries in 18 locator squares (grids) with a best DX of 431 kilometres.

He is also a keen 24GHz operator.  He has worked 2 countries, 3 locator squares and a best DX of 158 kilometres on this band.

On 5.7GHz he has worked 2 countries, 6 squares and a best DX of 412 kilometres.