Dave giving a talk at Martlesham


Dave Robinson, G4FRE, left the UK a few years ago to work in the USA. At present he lives in Texas and has set up home station equipment for many of the microwave bands. He is a well known operator and constructor both in the UK and the USA.

Dave was one of the writers involved in the production of the RSGB Microwave Manual, a 3 volume publication still available from the Radio Society of Great Britain. He designed the G4FRE beacon keyer used widely in the UK and elsewhere.



The photograph below shows his new tower, erected some months ago at his home in the South....

G4FRE/WW2R... tower installed

The following,  email from Dave, outlines some of his recent (September 1998)  microwave activities. Visit his website for more information!

We now have the website under way, not complete but a lot on it.....  beacon keyers, 3.4GHz pa mods,  IC202 mods etc. It is at http://www.flash.net/~g4fre . Operationally , myself and  xyl Meg went portable into Oklahoma (EM14) for the1st leg of the ARRL 10GHz contest. Al, W5LUA, was worked over the 151km path, me using the 15W portable system and Meg using the 150mW system. We also worked him and WA5TKU on 3456MHz. We failed with Wes on 10GHz as we could copy him when he transmitted on his 3456 Antenna but not when he used his 10GHz antenna... turned out to be relay problems We really went to the site to check it out for 24GHz tests later ...... looks promising.

I got the antennas on the tower at home (see picture above and on my own on web page ) and we are now qrv on 11 bands 50MHz and above at the throw of a switch. In the September 98 contest I worked W5LUA on all 11 bands, AA5C on 10 (his 24G Hznot qrv). More DXy were W5ZN and N5WS at over 425km on lower 6 bands. All this with no masthead preamps and all transverters in the shack on a the end of 75' of LDF5 + 35' of FSJ4! Looks promising!