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One of the highlights of any Microwave Update is the multitude of surplus components and equipment available at the trade tables, evening fleamarkets and the Sunday morning sale in the car park.


A whole room in the hotel was devoted to the trade tables. Several dealers came along with a wide variety of surplus and new stuff for sale. The picture on the right shows Steve, N2CEI, of DownEast Microwave, giving advice to someone and hopefully making a sale in the process! Steve is the tall guy in the middle of the tables. The table in the foreground had dozens of microwave relays, attenuators, mixers, directional couplers, connectors and the like.

MMMmmmm ... what to buy?

Those directional couplers look good ...


Peter, G3PYB(in the white shirt), takes a quick look at the "goodies" donated to the auctions, which were run by that ever popular auctioneer Mr Kent Britain, WA5VJB. Using his own unique "sales technique", he managed to extract hundreds of dollars from unsuspecting microwavers who had made the mistake of attending a lecture at the end of which Kent would stand up and do an auction! Joking aside, Kent did a great job, raising much needed funds to go towards the Convention costs. The items for auction were donated by various people but special mention must be made of the items given by the Japanese contingent who were very generous and who make a regular thing of this at every Update I've attended.


The Sunday Morning Fleamarket


In the photo above we see Peter, G3PYB (left)in deep discussion with Will, W0EOM (centre) and friend. No doubt they were talking millimetre waves!



The Sunday Morning Fleamarket

This was held in the car park at the side of the hotel. This year's "flea" was a little disappointing, with just a few cars present (where were the rest of you guys?). Nevertheless I managed to get a couple of items I badly needed, including a proper noise head for my Ailtech Precision Noise Figure Indicator.

There was some brisk trade at the Sunday morning market. It's a pity more did not turn up. Maybe surplus in the Pacific NW is hard to come by anyway and folk are reluctant to part with it!