Peter has acquired a surplus Microwave Associates 47GHz Gunn assembly, in common with a number of other UK microwaver enthusiasts. This now brings his operational microwave bands to a total of only four (1.3GHz, 10GHz, 24GHz and 47GHz) but there is latent interest in the others, when time allows! Peter is editor of the RSGB Microwave Newsletter and the webmaster of the "World Above 1000MHz) website.  He is a keen microwave contest operator and travels widely in the Northern part of England to reach suitable sites for portable operating.

G3PHO with 47GHz gear .. Martlesham '97

He and Barry, G8AGN, are presently working on the 100mW 47GHz units shown in the photograph here. The equipment  in front of Peter is actually that of Barry's but is almost identical to G3PHO's in construction and layout. The 100mW Gunn feeds a cross coupler type receive mixer and a 10.7MHz or 30MHz IF. Antennas are two 23dBi horns mounted on the TX and RX ports of the coupler. Peter hopes to eventually feed a 35cm offset dish mounted side by side with his 24GHz assembly (also on a 35cm dish) so that initial antenna alignment can be done on the lower band.

Peter is also interested in lightwaves and has a 5mW HeNE laser for the THz bands! One day he and G8AGN hope to make a contact that way.

There's certainly a lot to keep you busy in the microwave hobby these days!