RAL 2005

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RAL is always good for lectures on amateur microwaves. The lecture programme started with a most informative explanation, by Peter Blair, G3LTF, of the impact of the Galileo system on the 23cm amateur band. Peter has researched the problem in great detail and has submitted, on the UKuG’s behalf, a similar paper to IARU. Sam Jewell, G4DDK, then described his beautifully constructed and designed 23cm transverter.Using very modern components, it shows what can be done to bring down not only size but cost and yet have an impressive performance. Sam’s transverter can be switched to a lower receive sensitivity in the presence of very strong, local signals that would otherwise completely block the average system.

In the afternoon there was another talk by Peter, G3LTF, a leading UK and world EME exponent. He described how to build large dish antennas from aluminium section and wire mesh. His own antennas certainly have been very effective for him. Most of the audience could only look, listen and envy!

The final lecture was given by Grant, G8UBN, who runs G.H. Engineering. He gave a fascinating account of how state-of-the-art devices, especially Hittite mixers, could be used to building highly efficient microwave transverters with very low image and local oscillator products. His systems also employ double conversion techniques that allow very simple filtering where and if needed.

Grant’s talk was followed by a description of the previous day’s Antenna Test Range and its results.


Pictured left are three good friends who met up at RAL....

Left to right:Peter G3LRP, Peter G3PHO and Ralph G4ALY.

For G3LRP and G4ALY this was their first eye-to-eye contact after many hundreds of daily radio contacts on the 5.7GHz and 10GHz bands over a path length of 400km+.

For G3PHO it was a particular pleasure to bring these two together!

As at all UKuG Microwave Round Table meetings, there is a comprehensive range of good test equipment to check out noise figures, power output and frequency to at least 24GHz.

The photo to the right shows John, G4EAT, on the left testing one of his DB6NT modules with the aid of Mike, G0MJW(far right).