Microwave Profile No.9

Paul Longstaff ~ G6UAJ /portable


Paul, G6UAJ has recently become active on 5.7, 10 and 24GHz. His home is in Swindon. Wiltshire but he often goes out portable with his Land Rover and microwave gear. His portable station is seen above,  on the summit of Walbury Hill, IO91GI, one of the best locations in the South of England. This picture was taken during the 10GHz Cumulative Contest on the 28 May, 2000.
The dish is a 1.2m prime focus type, mounted over 2 metres above ground level on a tilt-up mast, fixed to the rear of the Land Rover. The 144MHz "talkback" yagi antenna is also mounted on the same mast. The mast turns on a baseplate which is calibrated in degrees of the compass.

The 10GHz transverter is a DB6NT type driving a 10 watt solid state PA.

Paul also has constructed the DB6NT 5.7GHz transverter and has a 24GHz system using DB6NT modules. He is known for making equipment quickly and getting on the various bands... many other microwavers would do well to emulate him!