microwave profiles:  number 4

Walter Howse ... VK6KZ

Walter is joint 10GHz world record holder, along with Roger, VK5NY, whose profile can be found elsewhere in these pages. The photograph here shows Walter's campervan and the extensive array of portable VHF and microwave equipment.
Portable station of VK6KZ showing campervan and VHF/microwave setupWalter began his amateur radio operations in 1954 when he held the callsign VK6ZAA (similar to the UK VHF only Class B licence). By 1974 he had passed the CW examination and received his present callsign. Almost all of his activities have focussed on the VHF to microwave bands, with special emphasis on anomalous propagation and portable work.

At present he works all bands up to and including 24GHz. He has held world  70cm and 23cm DX records and is presently co-holder of the 10GHz world record. In July 1997, he and VK6BHT/P established a new Australian 24GHz distance record of 120.6 kilometres. Gear at both ends of the paths was similar, with DB6NT Mk2 transverters with HEPA providing noise figures of approximately 4 db and power output of about 20mW from 57 cm diameter dishes with penny feeds.

Walter's ambition is to establish world records on as many bands as he can, from 144MHz up, and to that end he has been  involved with the construction of VHF beacons for VK6 and Reunion Island in an attempt to exceed the Hawaii to California DX path!!

Good luck to him and his VK pals!