8-9 November 2003

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Over 30 amateurs attended the Saturday night dinner, held at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel, just a few minutes drive from Adastral Park (BT Martlesham to you!) and where many of us stayed the night.


left to right facing the camera:


The meal was very good indeed and the whole atmosphere before, during and afterwards was very convivial to say the least!

The international nature of the meeting is shown here in this photo:

(left to right):


Sunday morning was the time to get down to the serious stuff! The opening talk, “Wither UK Microwaves” by Mike Dixon, G3PFR (the RSGB Microwave Spectrum Manager, detailed his many concerns over the possible lack of representation for UK microwavers as a result of the removal of the RSGB spectrum committees. He suggested that the UK Microwave Group, already in existence these past three years or so, could usefully take up the reins where the RSGB Microwave Committee had had to leave go, particularly in relation to the day to day “bread and butter” microwave activities such as contest organisation, newsletter production, awards, a component service, helping newcomers to microwaves, etc. The more “political” aspects such as IARU work, spectrum management, beacon approval, etc, would still be best served through the new Spectrum Forum that the RSGB Board were setting up. In such a scenario it would be essential for the microwave representative on the Spectrum Forum to receive maximum support from the UKuW Group, which hopefully would become an affiliated group to RSGB.

A very well attended Open Forum, chaired by Peter, G3PHO, followed the talk. The future of UK microwaves was debated in depth and at some length. Unanimous support was shown for the UK Microwave Group becoming the voice of amateur microwaves in this country. Many microwavers present urged the group to go ahead with plans to assume many of the jobs undertaken by the RSGB Microwave Committee, which is due to become redundant at the end of this year.

The UKuW Group then held its AGM. The election of officers resulted in the following - Chairman: Peter Day, G3PHO. Secretary: Martyn Kinder, G0CZD. Treasurer: Steve Davies, G4KNZ, Ordinary Committee members: G6GXK, G4DDK, GM4PLM, G4KLX, G8OGO, G6JYB, WA5VJB (co-opted). The new committee confirmed its strong commitment to support UK Microwavers at a much higher level than in the past.

Sunday afternoon saw a number of very interesting talks … Brian, G4NNS,(pictured left) together with G8ACE, shared their experiments on 24GHz EME with us. It was particularly exciting to hear their audio clips of the W5LUA/OK1UWA 24GHz contact.

Kent, WA5VJB, gave us an insight into PCB antenna design and the problems of Ultra Wideband transmissions, while Freddie, ON6UG, updated us all on the P3E and P5A space missions. He showed photos of the AMSAT antenna facility in Belgium.

Finally, Peter, G3PHO, gave his annual talk on UK microwave activity over the past year and finished with a brief photo diary on Microwave Update 2003, held in Seattle, USA, in September.

Martlesham 2003 was a really great and special weekend. Our thanks go to John, G3XDY and everyone at the Martlesham Amateur Radio Society who helped to organise it.

Be there yourself next year!