This year's event was one of the best ever. Attended by over 100 microwavers from as far afield as New England (USA)it spanned two days (Saturday and Sunday) and included a visit to the oldest RADAR station in the world. We were sorry to see there were none of our usual Continental Europe present. However Holland was represented insome way by G4EZP who also holds a Dutch callsign.

The activities included the following: 

Saturday: A visit to RAF Neatishead Radar Museum, near Norwich during afternoon, followed by the Microwave Dinner at the County Hotel, near Ipswich.

Sunday: A Bring and Buy Sale of microwave "junk", talks by Chris Bartram, GW4DGU (Oscillator Design) Grant Hodgson, G8UBN (Modern Microwave components, Paul Wade, W1GHZ (Microwave antenna feeds), Peter Day, G3PHO (Contest and Activity Review) and the Annual General Meeting of the UK Microwave Group. 

Throughout Sunday there was much activity around the excellent aray of test equipment made available by BT Adastral Park and an antenna test range set up and run by Sam jewell, G4DDK.

Many of the photos shown here are courtesy of Ralph, G4ALY and Ken, G3YKI ... many thanks indeed OMs!

This is one of the outside exhibits at RAF Neatishead Radar Museum. The Museum is located at the site of the oldest radar station in the world. It was a vital part of the UK defence system during World War II and is well worth a visit. Manned on a voluntary basis by mainly ex RAF personnel, the guided tour takes around 1 hour and then you are left to wander around by yourself. There's much to look at ... wartime and more recent radar gear, transmitters and receivers, operation rooms,test equipment and photographic displays. The museum is right next to an active RAF base so be sure you enter the right gate or you'll be challenged by an armed guard, as your webmaster certainly was!

This photo shows the main radar control room, used until relatively recently.
The Saturday evening Dinner was held at the County Hotel near Ipswich, and was attended by some 32  microwavers and wives. In this photo is John, G3XDY in the checked shirt, with Peter G3PYB to the left of him. Then, anticlockwise from G3PYB, are: John G8ACE, Allan G8LSD, Derek G3GRO(??), Ralph G4ALY (checked jacket), Peter G4ZXO (beard and glasses) and Jim G4WYJ (tangerine shirt) with his wife.
Here's yours truly, G3PHO, the websmaster caught in a rare moment ... wearing a lounge suit!
 The happy couple here are Sam, G4DDK, with his wife Shirley. Sam is a former organiser of the Martlesham Microwave Round Table and is now happily retired from the BT Adastral Park complex at which the microwave event is staged each year.
The meal was very good indeed but an unusual requirement was for one guest from each table to cut the large joints of meat! Here are Mike, G3LYP, on the left and Jim, G4WYJ, to the right, showing us that they do know other things than microwaves!
Simon, GM4PLM, editor of the microwave columns in RSGB's RadCom and Dubus magazine, meets Paul Wade, W1GHZ, for the first time. Paul is the very English-looking American in the tweed jacket on the right of the photo! Simon is not a Scotsman by the way!
For some unearthly reason, these girls (part of a wedding party at the same hotel as us) took a more than casual interest in members of the South Birmingham Radio Society!

Ian, G8IFT, nearest to the camera, is trying to appear totally disinterested but he can't fool us, can he? Ian .. young women and microwaves just don't mix!