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The Surplus Tour continues!

Christophe, ON4IY, has lived in the USA before but even he was impressed with the amount of surplus at Nortex!

Next stop is, of course, Frys! OK, so you Americans have a few things to say about Frys but we here in the UK have Maplin, a version of Frys without hormones!

Neverthless, it looks a good place to get some of those components that just seem to have gone off the shelves in other stores.

It's a pity we were not allowed to take photos in Frys ...just what are they afraid of?

Another drive, across to the NE side of Dallas. That skyline, photographed here through Kent Britain's car window, is certainly something. The sunshine helped too!

We arrive at TESCO, which is a supermarket chain in the UK! No food here but,instead, a wealth of great surplus microwave items, some of which were to appear later on the trade tables back at the hotel.

Inside TESCO we could see that the owner, Ted Buell, tests lots of the surplus items before he puts them up for sale. I wish more dealers would follow his example!

Seen here in the foreground is Doug Friend, VK4OE. There's no place in Australia like this!

Sam, G4DDK, has uncovered some great dishes, ideal for our millimetre bands of 24 to 76GHz. These dishes have an excellent, rigid profile and come complete with an integral waterproof housing at the rear. An offset dish feed completes the system. Although the feed is unusable at amateur frequencies, it at least serves to pinpoint the focal point of the dish.

Peter, G3PYB bought two of these dishes for a mere $100 ... a bargain. He later found a surplus bag (ex computer monitor bag) in which to carry them home to the UK!

The two photos to the right show Peter, G3PYB proudly carrying his new dishes in the bag he found and David, G6GXK, trundling a heavy "boat anchor" spectrum analyser back into the hotel. He had to buy the equipment to get its manual (which he wanted) and then he "did a deal" with Kent Britain to take the analyser from him!

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