RAL 2004


John Hazell,G8ACE(shown in the photo above between Dave, G0RRJ on the left and Brian, G4NNS on the right) brought along his latest creation ... a 47GHz beacon using the latest G8ACE OCXO oscillator, phase locked to a 5MHz reference by a variation of the CT1DMK CPLD PLL circuit. The multiplier is John's latest x24, for which he can provide kitsets, followed by three further stages (x5, x2, x2) for a total multiplication factor of 480. With this sort of multiplication a 1Hz shift at the basic crystal frequency means almost half a kHz at 47GHz! That calls for some real attention to stability techniques!

There were three lectures at the meeting:

  • Peter, G3PHO, described how he built a portable a 15 watt transverter for 3.4GHz
  • David, G6GXK (pictured here to the right) kept a captive audience when he went through various methods of achieving high frequency stability and accuracy
  • Allan, G8LSD (pictured below) enthralled the audience with his talk and demonstration of his lightwave equipment, the sound of the Beatles, transmitted at the frequency of light, was quite amazing ... in fact John Lennon would have written a song about it had he seen this talk! Allan is co-holder of the UK lightwave record.

So there you have it .. another excellent meeting of Uk microwavers. If you haven't yet attended a UK Microwave Round Table meeting then treat yourself soon. Check the Events Page of this website for news of the next one.