2nd SEPTEMBER, 2001

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This year, the annual Telford Rally had a definite microwave" flavour"! The organisers and club officials at the Telford club include well-known microwave operators Martyn, G3UKV and David,  M0VZT. They had the great idea of including a Microwave Arena, consisting of a square of ten tables, set up inside Hangar 1 at the  RAF Cosford Museum. The rest of the rally was spread along the roadways between the hangars and in the hangars themselves. This allowed easy movemement around the event.
Flea Market stalls along the roadways
Some of the fleamarket tables along the roadways
G3PHO/P on 23cm and 10GHz outside Hangar 1

G3PHO/P set up for 23cm and 10GHz outside Hangar 1

The portable microwave station of G3PHO marked the way to the Microwave Arena. Throughout the day the 23cm and 10GHz local beacons were received at good strength. No contacts were made on either band, however ... probably because most of the local microwavers were at the rally!
The photo left shows the Arena, a square of ten tables packed with homebrew microwave equipment and useful parts for sale. Most microwave bands from 1.2GHz to 76GHz were represented. Of particular interest were the 76GHz transceivers of G0HNW, G7MRF and G3PYB. G0HNW brought along his AO40 receiving equipment (the large dish on the far right of the photo). G3PHO displayed his 24, 10 and 5.7GHz transverters while M0VZT brought along some interesting  microwave ATV gear. The Microwave Arena

The Microwave Arena

well-known microwave operators

left to right: G0HNW, G3UKV, G4PBP, G3PYB

Several UK microwavers attended, many helping out at the Arena tables. They included G3PFR, G3PHO, G3PYB, G3UKV, G4DDK, G4PBP, G7MRF, G8UGL, G0HNW, M0VZT
There was a good selection of components, surplus units and commercial "black boxes" at Telford this year. Many thanks to all those at the Telford and District Amateur Radio
Society who had some part in staging this excellent event.
Inside Hangar 1 - general scene