More Flea Markets at which to spend More Dollars!

From Thursday evening through Saturday there were two large rooms at the hotel devoted to fle markey surplus sales. There seemed to be more microwave stuff there that I had seen in the past five years of UK microwave meetings combined!  People in the know told me that other Updates had seen even more on sale.

Surprisingly, from a UK viewpoint, there was little in the way of actual components, other than connectors of various types. Most of the sale items were surplus or even new modules and units, an abundance of semi rigid leads, connectors, connectorised mixers, multipliers, "brick oscillators" and waveguide items.

The man in the checked shirt, centre right, is Will Jemsby, W0EOM, while that "auctioneer par excellence" Kent Britain, WA5VJB, has his SSB T-shirt-clad back to us.